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Thea Wessel is qualified to supervise hours for those seeking licensure as Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Addiction Counselors in the state of Colorado, with one-to-one support or within a group. Contact Thea for current availability to serve as your supervisor.

Thea’s personal approach to supervision is one of providing an environment of growth for a therapist to honestly evaluate their work performance, counseling skills, and personal issues they bring into their practice. She encourages supervisees to speak openly about their learning, growth, and the inevitable challenges along the way. With her varied experience in diverse settings, commitment to whole-person development, and training in integral and transpersonal theory and practice, Thea's supervision offers a unique opportunity for growth.


Rock Maze

As a supervisor, I serve as teacher, consultant, and evaluator, working with you collaboratively on accountability to ethics and best practice principles through reflecting together on your work. I aim to create a safe space in which you can look at your skills, become exposed to new ideas, and take the risk of trying those new ideas and methods to enable yourself to grow.

This process may include considering your objectivity and professional boundaries with clients, detailed focus on your personal awareness, the importance of establishing and maintaining trust of clients, and journeying with clients towards therapeutic goals that make sense to the client.


Supervision meetings will include a mixture of:

Case Review

Chart Review

Collaborative Problem Solving

Training & Coaching

Young Businesswomen
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