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Trainings & Consulting


Founder of Nspire Today, Thea L. Wessel, is approved with the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) to train all Certified Addictions Counselor courses. Frequent offerings include Principles of Addiction Professionals, Addiction Counseling Skills, Client Records Management, Pharmacology I & II, Infectious Disease, and Culturally Informed Treatment. These trainings are available upon request.


Thea also runs a weekly consultation with the University of Denver regarding addiction treatment and offers this service to other professionals, as needed.

Thea has worked as a consultant with a variety of community organizations, businesses, and individuals to create custom trainings and programming to serve their organizational needs, employee professional development, and client success. Whether providing the training directly to the organization or creating a implementation-ready product for those who choose to train internally, Thea's commitment to Nspire growth is evident in the detailed customization in alignment with her client's overall goals.


Take the first step in creating a custom training or program and book a free consultation today.

Business Meeting


As a leader in the mental health field, Thea aims to Nspire others along their journey through speaking engagements. Whether you are looking to Nspire your clients, team, or event attendees, Thea's down-to-earth and relatable presence combined with her research-driven expertise in supporting whole-person development offers a unique and engaging offering that will surely leave a lasting impression. Contact Thea for current availability.


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